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Q: I live near you. Can I drop my shock off for service?

A: Yes! Local dropoff is always welcome. You can pay by cash or here on the website (please see the service section).

Q: What is your turn around time?

A: Turn around time is typically 24-48 hours. For example, if your shock arrives Monday morning, it will typically be shipped back by Tuesday Or Wednesday afternoon. You will receive an email as soon as the shock is shipped.

Q: What shipping method should I use to send my shock in?

I always reccomend Canada Post for Canadian customers and US Postal Air Mail service for US customers.

Q: I live close by and my bike also needs some other work done. Do you fix bikes as well?

A: No, I only service rear shocks. You will have to go to your local bike shop if you need other work done.

Q: What exactly is done during a full shock rebuild?

A: Your shock receives a full cleaning, inspection and is then rebuilt using the highest quality seal kit and oil we can find. All shocks are rebuilt using a seal kit that is as good or far better than what comes in your shock from the factory.

Q: Where can I find unbiased reviews of your service?

A: There is a forum thread on NSMB about us which you can find HERE

Q: How do I know if my shock needs to be rebuilt?

A: As a general guideline, your shock should be rebuilt every 60-80 hours of riding time or when you start to notice a decrease in performance or a small amount of oil leaking onto the shaft. If you don't get your shock rebuilt often enough, you risk doing permanent damage to the shock's internals.

Q: What kind of shipping do you use to get my shock back to me?

A: We use Canada Post for Canadian shipments and US Postal Air Mail for US shipments. Return shipping to the US and Canada is a flat rate of $15.00 and typically takes 3-6 business days to get back to you once shipped. Contact us for international shipping charges before sending your shock.

Q: Should I send my shock in with the spring and retainer? Should I leave the mounting hardware in?

A: Do not send the shock with the spring and retainer if possible, they are not needed and add to shipping costs. Leaving the mounting hardware in is fine.

Q: What is your refund policy and warranty?

A: If the shock cannot be repaired, a full refund will be given. If there is a problem with your shock after the rebuild and it is our fault (a defective seal, etc.), we will pay for shipping both ways and fix it at our cost.

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